weather protection

We come to you with a low-cost option for seasonal or temporary protection from the Pacific Northwest elements. What can be wrapped?

  • Boats & Personal Watercrafts
  • ATV/UTV/Golf Carts
  • RVs & Automobiles
  • Patio Furniture
  • Temporary Roof Patches
  • Scaffolding
  • Boat Lift Covers
  • Building Materials
  • Machinery
  • Much More


We offer a safe way for cars, boats, machinery and much more to travel by rail, truck or ship. Shrink wrapping prevents scratching, road dirt and other surface damage. 

Decals & Stencils

Using the same vinyl we use to make our Tentacle Wrap stickers, we can custom make you decals, stencils and other stickers. 


to help you decide if shrink wrapping is right for you

Vents are added to wraps for circulation (not transports) but, still, the best ways to avoid mold are to make sure what we’re wrapping is completely dry at the time of the wrap and to have an electric air dryer running inside it through the winter. We sell electric dyers if needed. You also want to make sure there is no source of water in the boat, like wet life jackets or water in the bilge. 

Typically, no. You’ll have to cut the strapping that keeps it tight when you remove the wrap. That said, we’ve heard rumors of people getting creative.

We just need a few feet on all sides to get around what we’re wrapping. Power isn’t needed because we use a propane heat gun to shrink the material.

We typically use a 7-mil low density polyethylene in white. Other densities and colors can be ordered if requested and we have ample time.

No easily at all. That said, it is possible – but rare – for a branch or other sharp object to make a hole. If that’s the case, and you’re in the area, we’d be happy to come back out and patch it up.

When wrapping for transport, we typically don’t put vents in because the airflow could loosen the item in transit. We also tape the wrap to most items for a tighter seal. It’s best to remove the wrap as soon as it gets to its destination.